Why we love Brown-ends

brown-ends are the logs you’re left with at the bottom of the charcoal kiln, which did not reach the required temperature to become charcoal. They’ll look like charcoal at first glance, but as soon as you pick them up you can tell, as they’re much heavier than a piece of charcoal the same size.


The great news about brown-ends is they have lots of uses, and ahould not be seen as a failure when you get some in a burn. The uses we’ve already discovered for them include:

– quick lighters for open fires; brown-ends ignite at much faster rates than un-charred wood and will give a roaring log fire in minutes.

– fuel for Rayburns which are for Multi Fuel use; less congestive on the chimney than logs and again the fast ignition time is great. The brown-ends also burn for a long time on the low settings and help with overnight burning.

– smoking meats or fish; if using a smoker, replace the wood-chips with brown-ends for long smouldering with very clean smoke.

– compost boost; brownends make a great additive to your compost bin, helping to add carbon that is locked-in and also texture.

we’ve also discovered that for charcoal makers the very best use for them is for lighting your next kiln. They’ve made a huge difference to how it lights and I’ve been keeping some back now for each burn.

have you had experience with charcoal brown-ends? We’d love to hear what you use them for.



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