Aussies embrace BioChar to enhance soil health

They’re getting serious about BioChar in Australia, largely thanks to the determination of the “BioChar King” Wayne Wadsworth.  He’s spent more than a decade researching and developing ways to use BioChar and his key message is that BioChar is for everyone, and especially farmers who understand the benefit to enhancing soil health.  He’s determined to help spread the concept that BioChar isn’t simply for the Organic farmer; often it is perceived as a “green” alternative rather than the first choice for everyone harvesting anything from their soil.

In an recent article in Queensland Country Life, he shares his passion for BioChar and why he sees it as a key for the future of farming across Australia and worldwide.  His key business makes high strength industrial plastics, using BioChar.  It’s fascinating to see how this ancient technology is re-emerging in modern factory settings.  It’s also a massive sign that there is a future for those looking at the money-making options; often I believe our advances in the alternative technologies have been held-back because people fail to see the financial benefits and therefore defend staying with oil based or fossil-fuel based tech to protect their investments.  Here is a great example to share of it working.

The key message I got from this article was that any scale of BioChar production has to be encouraged; whether it’s being made in a clay retort kiln, barely large enough to hold a basket of coconut shells, a kiln like ours at North Lodge or the large scale production required in industrial plants, every time someone chooses to make BioChar they are impacting the planet in a positive way.

The article also touches on the project Wadsworth was involved with in The Maldives, where he was asked to help the island become carbon-negative.  His use of BioChar was key to them achieving this and also to developing a productive garden.

We’re always interested in articles on BioChar and we’d love to hear from you with any you’ve found of interest.  It’s vital that we continue to help spread information to educate those who would benefit from its use.

Dinah and John


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