Living here in North Lodge has allowed John to fulfil a life-long wish to more towards being self-sustaining.  We’re lucky enough to have a small coppice woodland here, attached to a much larger piece of mixed woodland.  Coppicing is an ancient art, which is one of the only truly self-sustaining way of producing fuel; as you cut the trees back allowing them to regrow for a period of years, you can take the life of a tree from the average 80 years to around 650 years.


John has been making charcoal for some years and he’s always been proud of the fact it is made from windfall; branches that have come down in woodlands, over time.  He does not cut down trees to produce the charcoal.  And now, the coppice can contribute as there are many small branches in our woods, here at North Lodge, which need to be removed and are too small for the woodburning stove.


Because the kiln is portable, John can also offer local woodland owners the chance to have areas of their land cleared of windfall debris, and take the kiln to their property and carry out a charcoal burn on site.  Imagine having barbecues in the summer with charcoal made from your own woodland.


We sell the charcoal in several forms:

1) 3kg and 10kg bags for barbecues.

2) 1kg and 3kg bads of bio-char; the small pieces from the kiln which are excellent for adding to compost for your vegetable and rose gardens. As biochar is such a specialist product, you can click our Biochar page for more details.

3) 0.5kg and 1kg bags for hen runs; ideal as an additive to the areas where your hens like to have a dust bath.  The tiny particles are non-toxic and hens love them.

4) Room fresheners; charcoal absorbs smells very efficiently.  We’ve created small bags made of cotton fabric and filled with pieces of charcoal, to put in drawers, by the bin, or in the batchroom; in fact anywhere you want to keep bad smells at bay.

Please contact us for details on any of our Charcoal products