We are delighted to have been appointed as distributors for Mokarabia Coffee, here in Wales.

Dinah has always taken her coffee seriously; for many years we only drank one brand, available only via one of her contacts from her corporate days, in Costa Rica.  Then, by chance, John was called to look at a leaking roof on the London HQ of Mokarabia.  The lovely staff offered him a cup of coffee and he was hooked.  As soon as he took some home for Dinah to try, we changed all our coffee at home to Mokarabia.

Why do we love this coffee so much?

1) There is no bitter after taste

2) It produces a rich crema, when ground properly for your machine, meaning a really rich cup of Espresso coffee.

3) The Decaf is sensational!  I’ve never written that about decaffeinated coffee before, it truly is the best cup of decaf we’ve ever tasted, and we’d rate the Mokarabia Decaf as one of the best coffees we’ve ever tried, including the fully caffeinated ones.

4) The company stand by their products and keep them really simple; just great coffee.  From the 100% Arabica to the milder, smooth Regal (Gold pack) all blended in Bologna, Italy.

5) Exceptional value for money. Remember how ‘value’ used to mean you paid for what you got? Well, we believe that with Mokarabia coffee you’re buying a premium grade coffee at a middle-range price.  That’s why we say ‘exceptional value for money’.


We’re so confident that you’ll love Mokarabia coffee, that we offer the following guarantee:

If you’re not absolutely delighted with your purchase of Mokarabia coffee from us, we will refund your money, in full.

If you’re in Myddfai, visit the fabulous Myddfai Community Hall with cafe and gift shop.  They serve our coffee there and you’ll soon find out why.  While there, do take a look round the shop, with pieces from local craftspeople and artists.  They also stock amazing local produce, including our favourite jams and pickles and some gorgeous local chocolate.

We sell both direct to the public for home use and to select coffee shops in Wales.  To find out more, please contact us on 01550 721 266.